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EasyGetMe Records

EasyGetMe Records, EasyGetMe R&B, with many sub labels in many genres. Global song distribution, Royalty system built with the Artist first and EasyGetMe Records second. we sign artist by song, leaving the artist with complete freedom as an artist to join other labels at the same time. We accept all genres, creative talent can be found within all genres, a hit record is a hit record, regardless of genre. we have the strong belief, that all are creative, all have the potential of success within them.

BeatPulse TV AirPlay

BeatPulse TV need air play want to get heard contact us.

Label Artists do not need to submit to the TV, EasyGetMe Records takes care of this for you. as part of you're song deal. If your not on the Label you can still have your music considered for Air Play. Visit our Store.

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